Check Out My New Fridge! (Plus A Chance To Win One Of Your Own)


Our current house came with a really bad refrigerator.

I mean…bad

Handle falling off, no ice maker, strange-sized shelves that never seemed to accommodate a normal family’s food needs. Just bad. Pretty much the only thing I liked about it was that it was white. (You all know I am rooting for a comeback of the white appliance, right?)

We lived with it for a while, but then last year I did a project for Whirlpool Corporation and was compensated with…oh my goodness…a brand new kitchen suite. 

I’ll share the rest of the kitchen, which isn’t completely installed yet, in another post, but today I want to focus on the refrigerator because a) it’s fabulous enough to warrant its own post, and b) you have the opportunity to win one just like it (details at the end of this post.)

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

I had my choice of several refrigerator styles, but I chose the Four Door French Door Refrigerator in White Ice. 


Why White Ice rather than stainless or black? Well, in addiction to my penchant for the clean, classic look of white in a kitchen, I particularly love Whirlpool’s White Ice line. The surfaces are glossy and true white, and the stainless steel accents give the white a sleek look. It feels like the brand really put time into creating a beautiful line of white appliances, rather than just cranking them out because they have to.

Plus, our kitchen is very 90s, with floor-to-ceiling warm oak cabinetry and dark-green countertops. I felt that stainless just wouldn’t look right, and would make the whole room feel darker – while the white really keeps things light and bright and feels much more contemporary.

I also have a thing for refrigerator magnets (see the top photo!) and they won’t stick to stainless!

Here’s a closer look at the interior of the Four Door French Refrigerator:


Whirlpool White Ice Refrigerator

What I love most about this fridge is the smart use of space. Everything, from the in-shelf doors, to the produce, meat and cheese drawers, to the smaller middle drawer, is just what you need for storing different sized foods, with movable shelves and dividers to fit your needs.

When we took these pics we’d only had the fridge a few days and were still experimenting with where to put things, but we’ve found that it’s been very customizable and I never have to worry that there won’t be room for leftovers plus new groceries plus that takeout pizza box. As you can see above there is plenty of room for all of it, including chilling bottles of wine alongside several gallons of milk (when these were taken we were about to have a party – I wouldn’t usually be chilling four bottles of wine at once. But it’s nice to know I can, should the need arise!)

There’s even a small compartment between the main refrigerator section and the narrow drawer beneath with a see-through door that slides side to side. It’s perfect for small snacks like string cheese and yogurt. (Clara claimed it as “her” compartment the moment she saw it, because it’s low enough that she can easily help herself to snacks. I haven’t had the heart to tell her that the boys use it, too.)

Fridge Drawers.jpg


Oh, and did I mention that the fridge beeps to let you know if you’ve left the door open? Which is good for me, because I tend to, um, daydream, and have been known to wander out of the kitchen with the fridge and every cabinet and cupboard wide open. Ahem. I do appreciate, however, that it only beeps a few times and then gives it a rest, recognizing that sometimes you need to leave the fridge open while you reorganize it or put groceries away.

Now let’s talk about the freezer.

Previously I’ve always had either a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer combo or a top freezer/bottom fridge.

Neither design makes a lot of sense for a larger family. With the side-by-side, both the fridge and freezer get short shrift: try fitting a large pizza box in the narrow freezer, for example, or a cookie sheet in the almost-as-narrow fridge side. The top/bottom models are better, but why is the freezer at face-height and I have to stoop to get into the crisper drawer, when I use my refrigerator constantly and the fridge not nearly as much?

The Whirlpool Four Door French Refrigerator is exactly the same size as our old fridge (top-bottom model) but both the fridge and freezer somehow manage to hold so much more – mainly due to the orientation and smart design. For example, the freezer has three drawers – one very shallow, one a bit deeper and one quite deep – so that you can organize its contents based on package sizing. 


One last feature I want to point out: the icemaker/water filter & dispenser.

The boys are obsessed with the water dispenser! You can enter in the number of ounces to pour, then position your glass, hit the button and walk away. As a result the boys have learned the precise volume of every glass in our house so that they can program it to dispense just the right amount of water. 

Sometimes it’s the little things.

water dispenser.jpg

I also appreciate that you can get either crushed or cubed ice on the outside of the door, or, if you’re all “ain’t nobody got time for that!”, you can open the fridge door and just grab a handful of ice out of the top of the dispenser.

We love this fridge – seriously love it. And the good news is, you have a chance to win one of your own! All you have to do is take a picture of the inside of your fridge and share it on social media tagging @WhirlpoolUSA and #Fridgie (be sure to check the Whirlpool #Fridgie Facebook page for the details, and read up on the official contest rules here).

Tell me about your refrigerator. Do you like it? Loathe it? And, most important: if you win the #Fridgie contest, will you choose White Ice, stainless, or black?

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