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Clara’s play-doh doughnut…shared just because I love it.


Hello, friends!

You’ve probably noticed it’s been way quieter than usual around here lately. In case you missed my post about slowing down and focusing on less, but better, content in 2015, I haven’t just forgotten to blog…this sudden snail’s pace was planned. But I have to admit, it’s been a little uncomfortable. I’m so used to trying to squeak out three, four or even five posts in a week that having just two…or sometimes, just one!…sitting up here for a whole week has taken some getting used to. 

But the quietness here hasn’t meant that I’m just lying around eating bonbons, either. (Confession: I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten a bonbon.)

First of all, I’ve still been writing quite a bit. In addition to some new freelance gigs that I will be sharing with you soon, I’ve been blogging more frequently over at MeaganFrancis.com about creativity, work and life.

Some recent posts:

In addition to blogging more at MF.com, I’ve been sending exclusive messages to my email community about once a week. If you’re interested in hearing from me a little more often, sign up here. 

But not all of the projects we’re working on are ready for prime time just yet. Want to know more?

Here are just a few things we’ve got cooking behind the scenes:

Podcasts: I’ve been taking a bit of a break from cranking out new shows so that I can work on getting a workable system in place for – wait for it – a brand-new podcast network we’ll be launching in a month or so. Wait, did I just say “podcast NETWORK?”…yes, and while it’s not quite as much of a Big Deal as it might sound like, it’ll still be a lot of work to get it off the ground. What you can expect: a handful of brand-new shows featuring some of your favorite people, like Shana Draugelis and Sarah Powers, as co-hosts…plus a streamlined format of The Home Hour that will focus on fewer new guests and better conversations. (Are you sensing a pattern here?) 

Site Redesign: Over the next month or two, you can expect to start seeing some changes around here that will make the site easier to navigate and help you find great older content that’s been languishing in the archives. Suggestions? We’d love to hear ’em. 

Live Events: Yes, after dreaming about it for about a decade, I am finally in the planning stages for my first LIVE EVENT which will be held in fall 2015. After that, I’ll be rolling out events in new locations across the US – hopefully, one near you. Imagine an inspiring, intimate weekend focused on helping you relax, connect, grow, and reach your goals. Sound like something you might like? We’d love to find out more about what would make an event worthwhile for you, so if you have a few minutes please take this quick survey! And keep checking back, because we’ll be opening up registration for the first event very soon.

That’s it for now, but I guess it’s enough, huh? As always, we would love to hear your thoughts, encouragement or suggestions on anything we’re doing here at The Happiest Home. Shoot an email to meagan@thehappiesthome.com or leave a comment here. Sarah and I are looking forward to hearing what you have to say! 

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