Week 4 of the Lunch Box Challenge – Wrapping up and looking forward

are you in?

Can you believe September is over?

And so are my Lunch Box Challenge posts, though I’m still going to be challenging myself to keep packing lunches all year.

A wrap-up summary:

  • Two of my kids – my 2nd- and 6th-graders – have taken a packed lunch every day except two this month: I let each of them pick two days off the “hot lunch” menu. This has worked out really well because it gives me a day off (and a chance to get all the lunch containers cleaned and put away at once!) and the kids get to hand-pick the cafeteria foods they really want. (Bosco sticks, anyone?)
  • My 8th-grader and 10th-grade niece took packed lunches for the first week, then started just grabbing an apple and a Nature Valley granola bar on the way out the door. That’s OK with me – it’s way better than the cafeteria French fries and cookies I existed on in high school! The older the kids get, the more freedoms they have (in school and beyond), so I’m trying to shift my role to support and encourage healthier choices more than to try to “feed” them exactly what I think they should eat.
  • Now that my routine is firmly in place, packing hardly takes any time at all. In my very first Lunch Box Challenge post, I surmised that like anything else, preparation, organization and most of all commitment would make something that always seemed like a big hassle feel a lot more manageable. I was right! Once I really committed to doing this, got all my tools and supplies in order, and set aside dedicated time to make it happen, it was easy. Now I’m wondering what other tasks I’ve been avoiding or putting off that might be much more manageable if I make them a priority?

I’m still working on my pantry overhaul project, and I’ll share pictures in the next week or so. And now it’s time to share the winners of last week’s MOMables giveaway! The winning comments are:

Your Winner (confirmed)

Author: Mia
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I have shared the MOMables link on FB, too. đŸ™‚ 

Your Winner (confirmed)

Author: Juliana B
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Checked out Momables FB page.

Congrats, Mia and Juliana! If you didn’t win, don’t forget that you can get 30% off a three-month subscription to MOMables using this link. For the month of October, Laura will be donating all subscription fees to her son’s best friend, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer.


I’d love to hear about how your Lunch Box Challenge went. Was it easier than you expected? Harder? How did you keep yourself motivated and organized? Will you be committing to packing lunches the rest of the year, too?

Thanks so much for keeping up with the challenge! It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to a year of lunch-packing. (I never thought I’d say those words!)

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