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Over the last week or so I’ve been giving you a closer look at the new shows that make up the Life, Listened podcast network. If you missed them, check out the posts about The Mom Hour and The Write-At-Home Moms, and then read on for today’s featured show, The Style Hour!

For those of you who have been listening to The Home Hour, Shana Draugelis of The Mom Edit (formerly Ain’t No Mom Jeans) is a familiar name and trusted style expert. Again and again I hear from listeners that Shana’s interviews on The Home Hour are their favorite episodes, so I’m thrilled to devote a whole show to fashion and style. 

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Read on a quick recap of our first two episodes. You can always find the episodes and links to subscribe at www.TheStyleHour.com.

Episode 1: Dressing Your Age (Is There Is Such A Thing?)

In the first episode, Shana and I talk about what it means to “dress your age”. Is there such a thing? How can moms in their thirties and forties wear trends without looking like they’re trying to pass for teenagers?

Episode 2: It’s Time For Summer Dresses!

Episode 2 is all about summer dresses! As usual, Shana and I get into some pretty hilarious conversations, and if you click over to the show notes, you’ll see an epic photo of me in a romper in 1990.

Will you join us for The Style Hour?

Do you have an idea for a future show topic? Leave us a comment below, or email us at hello@thestylehour.com! And be sure to find Shana at her amazing site, The Mom Edit, for all things fashion and style

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