Big Day of Giveaways: Win a Clothing Set from Tea Collection!

* * * UPDATE! * * *
Congrats to reader Doña, who won a clothing set from Tea Collection!

Tea Collection Giveaway at The Happiest Home

Tea Collection clothes first came on my radar a couple of years ago, and right away I was drawn to the unique styles and sheer cuteness of the outfits I saw. But since I tend to shop consignment, clearance racks, and hand-me-down bins for the kids, I never tried out Tea Collection for myself until the beginning of summer, when a Facebook friend shared that the shop was having a 40% off sale.

The prices were great, so I bought Clara six pieces: two dresses, a top, and three pair of leggings.

And that was the last shopping I did for her all summer. We were both in love with everything she got – comfy, pretty, unique and well-made – and with the coordinating, mix-and-match leggings, just a few different pieces created plenty of outfits.

So I was thrilled when Tea Collection recently reached out and asked if they could send me some pieces from their holiday collection – as well as give a clothing set away to one of our readers. 

tea collection gift


Clara got the Hummingbird Wrap Dress and the Branch Blossom Bubble Dress from the holiday collection  (plus a pair of leggings,) while Owen got the Bund Stripe Polo shirt and the Denim Like Knit Playwear pant. Already, these have become the kids’ favorite winter clothes. Owen even made up a song about his super-soft pants (I’m not kidding. It goes, “Soft jeans, they’re the new thing!”)

I love that the holiday theming is subtle, so the kids can wear the clothes after December and beyond. And wear…and wear…and wear…

I also love that each season’s clothing is designed to reflect styles and patterns inspired by cultures across the globe. The current season’s clothes are inspired by China, and our purchases came wrapped in an adorable Furoshiki, a traditional Chinese cloth gift wrap, and there were even coloring and activity books based on Chinese legends and scenes enclosed. 

Today I’m thrilled to offer one reader your choice of either a girl’s clothing set or a boy’s clothing set from Tea Collection!

Just leave a comment below – one comment per person please! – to be randomly entered. I’d love to hear which clothing set you’ll choose if you win!

I also wanted to let you know that this week is Give Back Week at Tea Collection. The company is donating $5 from every transaction this week to the Global Fund for Children. The mission of the GFC is to advance the dignity of children and youth around the world. If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas Eve outfit or gift, this week might be the perfect time to shop.

I noticed that Tea is having some great sales right now, so if you’re a hesitant first-time buyer, maybe check the sale page out first. For their quality, versatility, and adorableness, Tea Collection clothes really are a great value.

See the official contest rules below. Good luck!

Entry Rules: The contest will run until 10 PM EST on Friday, December 13, and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Saturday, December 14 and notify the winner via email. You must leave a valid email address to win (email addresses will not be published). Winner must respond within 48 hours to notification, or a new winner will be chosen. Thanks to Tea Collection for sponsoring this giveaway!

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