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13 small steps to becoming a happier mom in 2013, mini-resolutions

2013 is here! After having visiting family for the last four+ days, I’m in a bit of a snack-and-party-induced haze. But as is always the case at the beginning of a new year, I’m feeling motivated and ready to embark on a little self-improvement.

But as a big-picture thinker, one of my obstacles to making concrete, doable changes is painting “self-improvement success” with too broad a brush. You know what I mean:  “I resolve to completely renovate my house, make a big family dinner every night, and work out every day in 2013!”

Last year, as an antidote to the sort of complete-life-overhaul resolutions that we’re all tempted to make in early January but, by early February, seem to be mocking us from our mental trash bin, I wrote a series of posts about mini-resolutions anyone can do to make over their lives (but not in the Extreme Makeover kind of way.)

We’ve compiled 13 of those mini-resolutions below:

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