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by Sarah Powers, Managing Editor

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We are loving all the feedback on the podcast lately! It sounds like several of you are just starting to get into podcast-listening in general, and have added The Home Hour to your must-listen list. Thanks for that. :)

Meagan is tied up all week with last-week-of-school activities and performing in a local theater production, so since there’s no new episode this week, we thought we’d revive some older episodes of The Home Hour for those who have started listening more recently. 

One of my favorite things about Meagan’s podcast is hearing the speaking voices of bloggers and writers whom I’ve followed online for a while. It’s so fun to listen to their conversations about blogging, writing, motherhood, and all the rest. If you’re curious to hear interviews with Tsh, Kelle, Rebecca, and more, scroll on down to the end of this post and I’ll link to all the blogger interview shows in one big list.

But first, we thought we’d highlight a few episodes you might have missed that might just introduce you to some new people: experts, authors, entrepreneurs, and more! Here are three of my favorites (click the episode title to read the show notes, or click the play button after the episode description to start listening right away!): [click to continue…]


We’ve got spring fever over here! (exciting updates from The Happiest Home)

by Sarah Powers March 21, 2014
We've got spring fever over here! (exciting updates from The Happiest Home)

Happy Friday, friends! Meagan and I wanted to share a few quick updates with you. We’ve been blogging along as usual here at The Happiest Home (what do you think of the new Plan a Better Week series?), but there is a LOT happening behind the scenes you might not be aware of…


Missing: One well-loved uterus.

by Meagan Francis June 5, 2013
Missing: One well-loved uterus.

On Monday, I kept myself busy. I did every stich of laundry in the house, went grocery shopping, and bought some junky “mom’s not here!”  snacks for the kids to eat while we’d be gone. I did the dishes, made a meal, and just attended to all the daily activities of my “normal” life, knowing […]


My favorite Happiest Mom posts (an outsider-turned-insider’s perspective)

by Sarah Powers December 27, 2012
My favorite Happiest Mom posts (an outsider-turned-insider's perspective)

This post is by Sarah Powers, Happiest Mom contributor and Managing Editor, and blogger at Powers of Mine. When I came on as Managing Editor here at The Happiest Mom a few months ago, I was already a big fan of Meagan and the blog. I’d been a regular reader here for a couple of […]


Finally: The Kitchen Hour is here!

by Meagan Francis October 25, 2012
Finally: The Kitchen Hour is here!

AHHHHHHH!!!! That’s the sound of me freaking out just a little bit. Yesterday, I officially launched The Kitchen Hour! (which you might already know if you’d signed up for the email list, hint hint )We’re talking podcasts and videos and all kinds of other things that are pretty new for me, but I’m just so […]


More about The Kitchen Hour…

by Meagan Francis October 15, 2012
More about The Kitchen Hour...

Last week I promised to give you more information about my new project, The Kitchen Hour. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet, but I’m just too excited to keep you all hanging (and plus, I promised!). So without letting the cat all the way out of the bag, here’s a sneak peek at […]