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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d republish one of my favorite posts from a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoy!

The year I was hugely pregnant with Clara, Jon and I didn’t have plans to go out on Valentine’s Day. But we got an unexpected babysitting offer at the last minute, and since all the nice restaurants in town were booked, we wound up at Chili’s.

Jon wisely got the fajita trio, but I had had my heard set on something a little more upscale, so in a fit of pregnancy-induced grumpiness – against Jon’s urgings and my better judgment – I insisted on getting steak.

I shouldn’t have gotten the steak. [click to continue…]


Working from home with…Kristen Levithan

by Kristen October 2, 2013
Working from home with...Kristen Levithan

Welcome back to our Working from home with… guest post series! Today Kristen of Motherese (also a contributor here at The Happiest Home) shares her tips for couples who both work from home. Enjoy! Reflections From a Work-at-Home Marriage: 5 tips for couples who work from home In June, my husband and I made over […]


happy marriage advice from a previously divorced mom

by Meagan Francis February 11, 2010
happy marriage advice from a previously divorced mom

I have a great marriage. And I’m not delusional. I have seen good marriages, not-so-great marriages, and so-so marriages. I know mine’s good. I know because once, it was bad…really bad. In fact, it was so bad at one point that my husband and I actually separated…and divorced. We had two little kids at the […]