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Scene from Miracle on 34th Street

Ahh! It’s been a long, fun weekend celebrating the extended family Christmas. I’m typing this from my mother-in-law’s sofa while the kids play with their gifts, waiting for our laundry to dry while my husband watches football (something about somebody named Tebow…).

It seemed like a good time to catch up on my blog reading. So here’s a holiday edition of Sunday Reads:

  • Holiday shopping gifts for the indie at heart – Mom 101. If you love supporting mom-owned and indie businesses, definitely check this out!
  • 20 Teen-Friendly Gifts Under $20 – Boomama, via Simplemom. With two hard-to-shop-for adolescents in the house, I definitely need this list!
  • 10 Things to Do With Shortbread – by JulieVR at Babble. After my friend made some really scrumptious shortbread the other day (and I ate about a stick of butter’s worth of ’em) I went in search of ideas for how to use the stash I intend to make…
  • Elf’s Antics – The Full Plate Blog. I’m loving following along with the tricks this elf is playing on one clever mom’s kids. I think the toilet elf (day 2) is my favorite!
  • My 6 Favorite Holiday Movie Moms – my Babble Voices blog. My most favorite is Mrs. Parker from A Christmas Story, but I’ve also included five others who’ve made an impression.

Read any great blog posts lately? Please share!

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