We’ve got spring fever over here! (exciting updates from The Happiest Home)

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Happy Friday, friends!

Meagan and I wanted to share a few quick updates with you. We’ve been blogging along as usual here at The Happiest Home (what do you think of the new Plan a Better Week series?), but there is a LOT happening behind the scenes you might not be aware of…

Beyond Baby: The Book

Meagan is hard at work finishing up Beyond Baby: a week-by-week guide to creating a life you love when your kids aren’t so little. We’ve assembled our launch team and are gearing up for launch in just a few weeks. Eek!

The Home Hour Podcast

We’re hearing from some of you that this is the first podcast you’ve ever listened to. I’m right with you – I hadn’t really listened to podcasts before working with Meagan on this one. But how fun is it to put on a lively conversation between smart women while you fold laundry or wait in the school pick-up line? If you’re intimidated by just how to listen to a podcast, why not start by playing an episode right from your computer? You can find them all here.

The New Having It All

Every week Meagan and Danielle Smith do a live show over on Google Plus called The New Having It All Show. Have you seen it? It’s just 25 minutes long and always a great discussion. Catch the replays on YouTube anytime.

Partnerships & Sponsorship Opportunities

This winter we updated our media kit and are excited to offer sponsorship opportunities to small businesses all the way up through major brands. We’re loving that we can now help businesses reach audiences with custom campaigns that integrate podcast, video, blogging and social platforms. Interested? Email advertising@thehappiesthome.com and we’ll be in touch!

We’re so grateful to have you on this ride. Thanks for being here with us – and Happy Spring!

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