Spring Clean Your Home, One Area At A Time

Welcome, Spring!

Last fall we had fun with a deep-cleaning challenge, tackling the whole house over a few weeks, one zone at a time. For those of you who are eager to open up the windows and tackle winter’s cobwebs, here are the posts again – organized by area with easy, clickable links.

Happy Cleaning!

Spring Clean Your Home, One Area At A Time

Click the headings to read the full post from each of the “zones.” For your convenience, we’ve summarized the highlights here.

Zone 1: Up High

  • Clean all ceiling light fixtures and fan blades
  • Wipe down the tops of door frames, window frames and high windowsills
  • Dust tops of high furniture and artwork/framed photos
  • Vacuum cobwebs in ceiling corners
  • Dust blinds 

If you missed it, find out my favorite gentle household cleaners in this post.

natural cleaning supplies

Zone 2: Middle Spaces

  • Clean windows
  • Vacuum window wells and cleaning sills 
  • Dust furniture, TVs, lamps, electronics, and book shelves
  • Wipe down dirty spots on walls and door frames

For a detailed list of supplies for Zone 2, be sure to click through to the post.

Zone 3: Down Low

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Steam clean high traffic carpet areas
  • Mop wood or laminate flooring and bathrooms
  • Steam mop kitchen floors

Be sure to click through to the Zone 3 post for my favorite floor cleaning products.

Zone 4: Kitchens & Bathrooms

In the kitchen…

  • Wash/wipe down appliances and counters
  • Clean out the insides of small appliances: coffee machine, microwave, toaster crumb tray
  • If applicable, remove burners/drip trays from range and clean 
  • Clean out fridge and freezer
  • Clean oven
  • Mop or wash floors
  • Scour/scrub sink

In the bathroom…

  • Scrub inside of shower/bathtub
  • Replace shower curtain liner or wash shower door
  • Scrub toilets
  • Wash floors around toilets
  • Wash walls behind toilets (particularly if you have little boys with bad aim)
  • Hand wash or mop floors
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Wash sink and countertops

Want to enjoy your spring cleaning a little more?

If it’s time for a few upgrades, check out these products we’ve featured in the past (some posts include affiliate links – see individual posts for details)

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