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How to save money on gardening supplies

by Meagan Francis on May 19, 2012

saving money on gardening supplies

If your weather is as lovely as mine is right now, you might be thinking about doing some gardening this weekend. Check out my latest HGTV Gardens post for tips on how to save your budget when buying supplies:

Gardening may be one of life’s simple pleasures.  But between purchasing tools, seeds or plants and all the accompanying supplies, it can also be a pricey venture. If you think outside the box, watch sale fliers and are willing to do a little driving around, you can save on sod, shovels and more. READ MORE

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Sleeping Should Be Easy May 19, 2012 at 10:29 pm

I’m not exactly the greenest thumb so I may not be the best one to provide tips on this topic, but the first thing I would do to save money is to keep it simple. I often make the mistake of going all out when buying gardening supplies, only to find out down the line that I probably didn’t need all the equipment I bought.

On the flip side, I would also buy equipment that’s necessary. I’ve tried the opposite too where I realized I spent too much so I tried being ultra frugal, and I ended up making my own sprinkling watering can by poking holes on the bottom of a paper cup and using old water gallon as pots. Um, *so* did not work lol!


The Mommy Psychologist May 20, 2012 at 12:09 pm

I just started my gardening for this year. And unlike you, I spent entirely too much money. Sigh…Oh well, it sure looks pretty!


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