Plan the perfect Mother’s Day – for yourself.

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Mother’s Day can be tricky, yes? Maybe you’ll hold out hope that your spouse or kids will create the perfect experience for you…and then feel that soul-blackening resentment build up when that breakfast in bed is a tossed-together affair of burned toast and lukewarm coffee, and the only reason you even got that much is that you refused to get out of bed until somebody served you. Or maybe you’ll host a brunch for your own mother, or attend a breakfast in your honor, when what you’d really like is to just curl up in bed with a book and have everyone leave you alone for a while.

Basically the holiday is a nice idea that’s somehow morphed into a strange brew of unmet expectations, pressure, and  disappointment. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

So what I want to say is this: Mother’s Day is yours, Mama. Whether eggs and bacon in bed are your thing or you want to spend the day wind-surfing…whether you want nothing more than a cuddle from your kids or long to escape to see a movie by yourself…the day is named in your honor, so you get to call the shots. The thing is, though, sometimes you have to put a little effort into making sure you get what you want, because I’ve realized that my family sometimes – okay, often – has a not-so-accurate idea of what might make me happy. 

So today, don’t feel awkward about putting forth requests, or if necessary, making a plan for yourself so that you can have the kind of day you really, really want tomorrow. Even if that plan consists of nothing more than “At precisely 1 PM, I will be retreating to my bedroom with a book, I will be shutting the door, and I wish to read undisturbed until 3 PM. The only interruptions that will be accepted will involve offerings of baked goods.”

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No matter what kind of day you have, I hope your Mother’s Day turns out to be just what you’re hoping for. Whether you do something exciting and grand…or nothing at all.   

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