perfection paralysis, family, and weekend plans

I’m loving the comments on yesterday’s post about having the courage to make your home your own. A few people mentioned being paralyzed by the quest for the “perfect” lamp, rug, whatever; and that had been on my mind when I was writing the post as well. So I addressed the “imaginary perfect” on my Babble blog today. Check it out!

As soon as I hit “publish” on this post, we’re going to start putting in our kitchen cabinets, and then the floor, and the appliances tomorrow morning. And…tomorrow night we’re having a Halloween party! Yes, we’re crazy; but when we first started planning the party we foolishly (optimistically?) thought the kitchen would be all done by now. Ah well…it’ll just be a couple dozen of our good friends and family – they’re here to see us, not our backsplash, right? (I hope so, because the backsplash probably won’t be done for at least another week.)

Speaking of family, Microsoft is one of my sponsors this month, and they’re promoting funny videos featuring families using their “family” of products. My favorite is the dad dancing at the family party while his kids watch…and laugh…and create their own music videos from his bad dance moves. It reminds me a little of my own family get-togethers, especially now that my kids are getting older (and more sarcastic.) And yes, I’m pretty sure I’m the dad in this particular scenario. Since compensation from advertisers is one of the ways I’m able to keep this blog active, I’d love if you felt moved to watch a video or two. Which one is your favorite? And are you the dorky dad in the video too?

I hope to check in with a post-party wrap-up on Sunday evening, but I doubt I’ll be doing much blog reading that day since I’ll have family in town. So look for some photos and hopefully an update on our partly-finished kitchen later this weekend, and in the meantime, wish me luck!

What are your weekend plans?

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