Want to focus on YOU this fall? Join me for Beyond Baby Boot Camp (It’s FREE!)

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How’s this for irony?

The very morning I was set for an early launch of Beyond Baby Boot Camp, a free program meant to both celebrate the freedom and space we start to experience as our children get older, while also urging us to use that newfound time and energy well…my daughter crept into my bed in the wee hours…wheezing.

By the time I administered a breathing treatment and a long, extended, and sleepless cuddle during which she tossed, turned, kicked, and kept trying to tell me stories about kindergarten, it was time for the other kids to get up and the day to begin.

For everyone else, that is. I, on the other hand, passed out for a good hour and a half and finally dragged myself out of bed two hours after I’d meant to start my work day.

That’s motherhood, right? Even when we’re “beyond baby,” we’re never really past parenting – not even, I suspect, when our kids all move out and begin their own adult lives. The best we can do is make sure our own needs don’t get totally lost in the shuffle.  

And sometimes, when we’re still emerging from the “fog” of early motherhood, we need a little nudge to help us invest in ourselves as well as our families. 

I’d love you to join me for Beyond Baby Boot Camp.

It’s a FREE, 30-day program that will help you take baby steps toward focusing on yourself again – your health, your style, your relationships, your home – while also helping you chart a course for the parent and person you want to be once the baby years are behind you. 

If you sign up, you’ll get a totally doable “assignment” in your inbox each day (I’m keeping them really simple – each activity should take no longer than five minutes per day) that will help you focus energy on your health, home, relationships, dreams, style, and more. 

And you’ll share the journey with other women who can cheer you on and offer encouragement and support.

Ready to get started?

Beyond Baby Boot Camp kicks off  TODAY – Monday, September 15.  In fact, it’s already happening! Read the first activity.

Sign up here to receive a month’s worth of daily activities delivered to your inbox and get an invitation to a private Facebook community where you can discuss your progress with an active community of moms.  

I hope to see you there and can’t wait to help you make the most of your fall!

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