My Happiest Place: Treasures From My Life

We think many of you will relate to this month’s reader-submitted feature in our My Happiest Place series. Before we share Juniper’s words and photos, though, a quick update on the series itself!

For the October, November, and December features in the series, we’re looking for holiday-themed photos of your homes. The autumn holidays followed by winter celebrations bring with them the chance to decorate indoors and out, and whether your style is simple or all-decked-out, we’d love a peek into the happiest places in your (holiday) homes.

October submissions are due 10/15, a $50 gift card goes to our chosen submission, and all you have to do is email a photo of your happiest place to (more details and fine print can be found here). 

what's the happiest place in your home?
Can’t wait to see your pretty pumpkins and fall decor! And now, this months feature…

My Happiest Place by Juniper Nichols

This is my birthday present, a unique and beautiful mid-century secretary desk. To me, this desk represents my dreams and the loving support I need to follow them.

Juniper Happiest Place 2

I had no idea that the desire to write would grip me again this early in my children’s lives, but it’s the only thing that could get me out of bed before the kids wake up! Thanks Meagan, by the way, for helping me find my way back to dreams and goals that have little to do with mothering.

One of my favorite things about the desk is the curio cabinet. Instead of staring blankly at the wall when I’m fishing for inspiration, my eyes wander over treasures from my life. This is a great place to put objects that remind me of my novel. I also love that the drawers serve as flat artwork storage, so I no longer need to stuff the family’s archival favorites in closets and folders.

Juniper My Happiest Place


The very best thing about this desk is its location – in my bedroom, with lots of natural light… behind a door that locks! My girls are learning to respect “office time.” Goodbye forever, kitchen table writing. Hello serenity and all the satisfying productivity that flows in “a room of one’s own!”

Thanks, Juniper! You can find Juniper online at Thanks to for providing Juniper (and authors of all our chosen submissions!) with a $50 gift card!

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