My garage-in-progress + a Twitter chat with Gladiator GarageWorks (prizes!)

garage clutter

When we first moved into this house, we didn’t use the garage much. It can technically fit two cars, but due to the wooden floors (the inspector told us it was likely a turn-of-the-century carriage house) and location (perched precariously on the edge of a ravine) we’ve never actually dared to park in it. That leaves a ton of room for storage, but we just didn’t have much stuff to put in it.

Fast forward three years, and wow, have things changed. First, there were the large power tools we started acquiring for various home-renovation projects. Then bigger bikes and an ever-growing collection of scooters. Extra pieces of trim, flooring remnants we’ll just have to find a place for, and waiting-for-paint furniture. Sleds and inner tubes. Rakes, shovels and more rakes and shovels. Miscellaneous stuff like old punch bowls. And our entire front-yard Halloween display complete with “dead pirates” and a homemade cannon replica.

(Ask me about the day I walked into the dark garage and bumped into a six-foot rubber skeleton hanging from the ceiling. I’ll probably never be the same.)

It’s been clear for a while now that the garage was in desperate need of help, but no matter how we arranged things, it never seemed to stay organized. As much as I believe that some clutter is a natural part of life, when you can’t reach your kid’s bicycle because of all the junk in the way, clearly it’s gotten out of control.

garage clutter

Our garage at its worst: yikes.

So I was excited to partner up with Gladiator GarageWorks on a series of getting-organized posts and an upcoming Twitter party (see below) where you can win great products to organize your garage.

Gladiator GarageWorks sent me several products to get started on my garage-organizing project:  an organizational mega kitbike claws, and their brand-new rack shelving system. Last weekend we got everything assembled, and we’re loving these products.

First of all, they’re extremely easy to put together. My 14-year-old son assembled the rack shelving pretty much on his own, and my 6-year-old attached all the sliding hooks to the gear track channels. We decided to hang drywall to make everything look neater (those old wood studs were cool, but not very functional and made the garage feel really dark and gloomy) but we really didn’t have to – you can hang the gear tracks pretty much anywhere, since there are no pre-drilled holes to line up.

Here are some photos of the system, which took less than an hour to put together.

Gladiator GarageWorks

But don’t think that this stuff is flimsy just because it’s so easy to assemble. The rack shelving is extremely heavy-duty and I know we’ll get many decades of use out of it. All the hardware and pieces to the organizational kit seem high-quality and durable.  I also like that all of these pieces are modular, so we can add to the system or move things around as needed. And even though it’s called “GarageWorks”, this stuff could totally work in a basement, mudroom or even a pantry.

Oh, and that rack shelving? IS HUGE. I should have figured when I read that it can hold 2,000 pounds per shelf, but I was amazed at just how burly this thing is.

Gladiator Rack Shelving

Now that we’ve got everything assembled and mounted, we’re having fun figuring out which stuff to put where. Of course, it’s caused a few disagreements: Jon wants to take over with his tools, but I want to create a gardening center or maybe use the rack shelving to store my canning supplies.

I think there’s plenty of room here to compromise, though, don’t you?

If you love these products and need to get your own garage, shed, pantry, basement, laundry room or mudroom under control, head over to the #cutclutter Twitter party I’m hosting on Thursday, October 25 from 3-4 PM EST.  Five people will win $25 gift prizes toward Gladiator GarageWorks product, and one grand prize winner will win an Organizational Mega Starter Kit like the one in my photos. To participate and be entered in the drawing, just find me on Twitter, and join the conversation using the #CutClutter hashtag.

(And make sure to check back soon to see our finished garage project after we’ve decided exactly what to put in all those bins and on those shelves. I’m rooting for a canning center!)

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