more housework = more sex? how energy begets energy.

I was amused–and a wee bit skeptical–when I heard about this study finding that people who do more housework–men and women alike–have more sex.

But when I read this analysis on the Wall Street Journal blog “The Juggle”, I found myself nodding my head. This part in particular resonated with me:

“The researchers say the results are evidence that some people – not all – are high achievers who approach life with a “work hard, play hard” mentality, drawing energy from activity in one realm, such as job or home, to invest in other areas, such as marriage.”

That’s definitely true for me. It’s like exercise…the less I exercise the less energy I seem to have for working out…or anything else, for that matter.

The longer I go without putting energy into a project–whether it’s blogging or a yoga practice or dancing–the less likely I’ll be to pick it up again.

When I have a ‘lazy night’ and hit the drive-through rather than cook something, it’s that much harder to summon up the energy to cook the next night.

And as I’ve written before, the more energy I pump into different areas of my life, the more I seem to be able to juggle and the better I feel overall.

Energy begets energy in my world. So I guess I don’t find it that surprising that a couple that hits the bed after a rousing post-dinner clean-up session would be more juiced up–and energetic enough for sex–than a couple who sat in front of the TV or on their computers after dinner.

What do you think? Do this study’s results surprise you? Have you noticed that if you put energy into one area of your life, you have more energy for other areas?

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