To the Mom Who Didn’t Hand-Make Valentines…

For the mom who didn't hand-make Valentines

and maybe, didn’t even get the “right” kind of store-bought ones…

Valentine 1

or who had to work (or just wanted to avoid the crush of sticky-fingered children and awkwardly-standing-around-parents) during the classroom party….

Valentine 3

or the mom who went a little overboard with Pinterest planning, but never got around to actually getting supplies from the craft store…

Valentine 3

or who tried really hard to make the holiday special, but something went awry…

Valentine 4

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Your child can still have a special, fun-filled day, even if you didn’t hand-make a heart-shaped dessert.

Your efforts count, even if they mostly involved driving to the store.

And it’s not too late to add a little extra celebration to the day, even if it’s just a shared cup of cocoa and an extra-long hug. 


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