mini-resolution: upgrade my bra drawer.

My body has been through a lot of changes over the past fourteen years. Between five pregnancies and about ten total years of breastfeeding, my dimensions have changed again and again. I’ve probably worn six different pants sizes and at least as many bra sizes over the past decade and a half.

This becomes very evident when it’s time to pack for a trip, as I was doing earlier today. My underwear drawer is a jumble of wires, straps and hooks. At least half the bras don’t fit; the others are in such bad shape I only wear them in an emergency.

The thing is, when your underwear drawer is stuffed to the gills, bra emergencies happen all the time. Wires get bent. Hooks catch on the wrong eyes. Bras get shoved to the bottom of the drawer, never to be heard from again.

In my Babble Voices post about my 3 Homemaking Resolutions for 2012,  I vowed to take better care of my bras, washing them separately on gentle to keep them in better shape. But as my journey through the underwear drawer showed me today, it’s too late for a lot of these sad old support garments. I need to start fresh.

So today as I packed, I gave each bra in the drawer a critical look. Is it missing hooks? Is it torn? Are the underwires bent? Are the straps stretched out? Is it the wrong size? And despite my inner saver whispering “But you might need that bra in an emergency!” I tossed every bra that didn’t make the cut.

Which has left me with three bras. But the way I see it, three good, well-fitting, supportive bras are better than a whole jumble of sad, stretched-out, ripped, broken old brassieres. And now that I can actually see what’s in the drawer, maybe it’s time to treat myself to a new one.

Could your bra drawer use a once-over? What mini-resolution are you making today?

For the next four weeks, I’m making mini-resolutions: small improvements in different areas of my life. This week I’m focusing on ME and taking care of some of those little things I’ve let go for too long. Are you with me?

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