mini-resolution: take better care of my skin.

This is what Santa Claus brought me for Christmas.

I wasn’t insulted. In fact, when making my holiday wish list, I’d specifically asked for something like “some really good stuff for old-lady skin.”

Not that I’m an old lady, mind you. But over the last year or two, for the first time, I have started noticing fine lines, small wrinkles…signs that I’m, you know, in my 30s. Because, duh, I am.

That fact – and this face – still catch me by surprise.

For years I was the twenty-something mom on the playground who looked like a teenager. I never thought too much about my skin, beyond compulsively using moisturizer with sunscreen (thank goodness, at least I did that right). But gradually over the last five years or so, my face lost that little bit of “baby” roundness, and in its place? Lines and crinkles.

I know that aging – visibly – is an inevitable part of getting older. I just think now is a good time to beef up the products I’m using on my face so I can slow the process down a little.

But, for over two weeks my new Olay Pro-X tightening mask and serum have been sitting in the box, unused. Untouched. Truth is, I don’t always want to bother with a skin treatment right before bed – I’d rather just swipe a washcloth over my face and crawl under the covers. Or watch HGTV until I’m so sleepy I practically have to roll myself to bed.

But I want to make caring for my skin a part of my routine, and I’m starting with tonight: today’s mini-resolution challenge is to take that mask out of the package and apply it to my face. I am supposed to use it every day for five days, so why not start now?

Of course, there’s no real reason I have to wait until bedtime to put the mask on, right?

Maybe I’ll just go to dinner in it.


Did you do one small thing to take care of yourself today? Share your mini-resolution!

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