mini-resolution: do 5 sun salutations

Vegas is kicking my butt. I have walked more in the last few days than I had in the past few months, and my body is not handling it well. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, and my back hurts. After our red-eye flight – during which I tried to contort my body so that I could sleep without touching the big man in the seat next to me – my back actually seized up so much that I had to lay down in the hotel room. I’m a mess and feeling kind of like a little old lady at the moment.

I was so much more flexible and less prone to this kind of thing when I was regularly doing yoga. But I admit that I haven’t been to a class in many months. Why? Well, most of the classes in my area are 90 minutes long. Factor in the travel time and prep and that’s a big chunk of time to set aside several times a week.

But how illogical is this? Since I can’t go to a 90-minute class, I don’t do any yoga ever. Even though I love it, it makes my body feel great, and I can do it anywhere with no equipment. I just… don’t.

I guess it’s that “all or nothing” mentality that’s getting in the way: if I can’t do LOTS of yoga, I might as well not do ANY. If I can’t commit to attending a class twice a week and learning how to do headstands, it’s pointless to pop into downward dog in my living room.

Which, of course, is so untrue. Every little limbering, muscle-toning, mind-centering effort counts. Doing a bit of yoga in my living room a couple times a week is better than not ever doing any.

So today’s mini-resolution is something I hope to make a regular habit, and it’s something I can start right here, right now, right in my hotel room. I’m doing 5 sun salutations. The sun salutation is a flowing series of poses and has been one of the fundamentals of every yoga class I’ve ever taken. It engages your whole body, and is energizing and calming at the same time. Here’s a video of yoga instructor Kathryn Budig demonstrating a sun salutation:

I’m reminding myself that even though I don’t look like Kathryn and can’t get my face right against my shins like she can, my efforts are not wasted. Even taking just a few minutes to do a simple series of poses will get me that much more limber and strong.

Anyone want to join me?

For the next four weeks, I’m making mini-resolutions: small improvements in different areas of my life. This week I’m focusing on ME and taking care of some of those little things I’ve let go for too long. Are you with me?

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