Mindful Monday: Get on top of the end-of-school-year calendar

I have so been loving the conversation about money we’ve been having here for the past week – how to know when you have enough, overcoming the pressure of “keeping up with the Joneses“, setting goals. But time to shift gears just for a minute to check in on this week’s Mindful Monday Challenge. How did everyone do last week? My goal was focused on drumming up work, and although it wasn’t exactly a slam-dunk results-wise, I can see some ripple effects of having paid attention to that area of my life.

But this week my focus is very different. It’s the end of the school year for us; just two weeks to go. Our calendar is full, not to mention those backpacks. I need to be ready! So here’s my intention for the week:

My Mindful Monday Challenge for the week of May 23

WHO: The whole family

WHAT: Get on top of the school calendar, end-of-year activities, and incoming paperwork to keep complete chaos from reigning

WHY: The last two weeks of school are always jam-packed with ceremonies and picnics and deadlines to return those missing library books, not to mention a huge influx of artwork and projects that have been accumulating in classrooms and lockers all year.

HOW: Take 10 – 15 minutes daily to focus on end-of-school stuff: look at the school calendar and newsletters and cross-reference with my personal and family calendar and make sure I haven’t double-booked myself (or come up with a plan if the middle school has an event at the same time as the elementary school at the same time as the preschool!) Create shopping list for our potluck picnic offerings (that printout of what I’m supposed to bring is around here somewhere, right?). Look for items that need to be returned to school and put in central, easy-to-find place. Prepare new folders for kids’ “keeper” art and schoolwork and prepare to recycle anything that’s not getting kept as it comes in the door. Look at dates of summer camps, activities, etc, make sure I’ve returned any registration forms and that all dates are on the calendar.

Whew! We have pretty laid-back summers around here, so I’m really looking forward to the end of the daily shuffle and transitioning into something a lot slower. But the last two weeks of school are by far the craziest of the year for me and if I don’t stay on top, I’ll find myself so snowed under with papers and dates to remember that I won’t be able to enjoy the beginning of summer break!

And can I say, I’m so glad we’ve been talking about money right now? It’s exactly the frame of mind I need to be in when encountering endless registration forms for day programs, camps, summer tutoring programs and other activities. Those costs add up, and even though it’s tempting to sign the boys up for multiple camps, I’d really rather save the money for camping.

Would love to hear about your Mindful Monday Challenge this week!


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