Mindful Monday, the holiday edition: Make.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than two weeks away. Funny how you go from feeling like you have all the time in the world to get ready, to suddenly wondering if you’ll really be able to pull this thing off. And that long holiday bucket list that might have seemed so do-able back in October now seems laughably ambitious.

Since I started setting a Mindful Monday intention last spring, I’ve found that focusing on one general theme each week helps keep me from feeling overwhelmed and actually makes it easier to get things done. So it just makes sense that the general idea applies to the holiday, too. This week’s Mindful Monday intention:

Who: All of us!

What: Create! Bake cookies, make ornaments and gifts.

Why: Because we enjoy it! And because every year I intend to make an ornament or gift or two, but often run out of time.

How: Decide on 3-4 simple, not-too-time-consuming projects. Gather supplies early in the week and keep our afternoons and evenings free so we can work on them. Team up with a friend. Have fun!

I’ll share more about the specific projects we’re working on later in the week, but for now I’d like to know: what’s your Mindful Monday intention for the week? Can you use this exercise to make your holidays feel simpler and calmer?

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