Mindful Monday, The Holiday Edition: Give.

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I cannot believe it’s December 19 and Christmas is this weekend. It feels like just last week that I was writing about wanting to wait until Thanksgiving was over to start decorating so as not to rush the season. And wasn’t Thanksgiving, like, yesterday?

The good news: I’ve gotten almost all my shopping done. Just a few more items to pick up, including the second “half” of a Secret Santa gift, a book I ordered from the local indie bookstore, and a couple little things for my husband, and I think we’re all set. I’ve even wrapped most of our gifts for the year, which is unusual as I’m the type who’s usually still wrapping gifts at 10 PM Christmas Eve.

We’ve got a lot of giving to do, and I’m going to be writing about it all week here, at 4 Kids or More, and at my Babble Voices blog. Here’s what’s on deck for the week:

  • Teacher gifts. To give? What to give? Why to give? I’ll explore this tricky topic.
  • Giving to others. I mentioned early in the month that this was something I wanted to focus on; I have not done as much as I’d hoped. But there’s still time! Look for a post on last-minute sharing and giving in your community later this week.
  • Giving to sibs. Since we have a big family, it’s not practical for child to buy all his siblings a gift. I’ll describe what we do later this week.
  • Giving local. This holiday my goal was to buy about half of our gifts from local or independent stores. We may not have quite hit the 50% mark, but we did do quite a bit of shopping locally and I received some lovely gifts from independent artists and small businesses, too. Can’t wait to share!

Looking forward to giving this week – and talking about giving with all of you, of course. While I’m on the subject, I’d love to hear about your holiday giving traditions. We always do one family gift on Christmas Eve – a puzzle or board game that we work on or play together with some yummy treats – and save the rest for Christmas morning. How about you?


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