Mindful Monday, The Holiday Edition: Decorate

I was so excited to see how many of you really got into last week’s Mindful Monday by sharing your holiday music playlists (and congrats again to Sleepless in Summerville for winning the iTunes gift card!) You all introduced me to some new favorites and reminded me of songs that I was very happy to rediscover. It’s been quite a musical week at our house, which has set the stage for this week’s Mindful Monday intention: (click the link for more)


WHO: All of us.

WHAT: Decorate for the holidays!

WHY: To me, putting up Christmas decor is about more than just making the house look pretty. Pulling out our well-loved holiday decorations every year – plus making a traditional trip to the store for one or two more – is a sensory way to mark the season as special, connecting the present with the past. Also, we’re quickly heading toward the darkest day of the year: the sunlight seems to be getting thinner and sparser every day; every morning it takes a little longer for the sun to come up, and every evening it disappears from view a little sooner than before. Filling our house with the glow of lights and candles and the glitter of tinsel and shiny objects helps the darkness feel special and sacred instead of just gloomy. It’s just that much easier to get out of bed and face a pitch-black house in the morning when I know I’ll be welcomed by the twinkle of lights on the tree.

HOW: I’ve pulled out all the boxes and bins already, and a few candles and decorations have made their way out onto shelves and tables. But there’s still much to be done. Time to pull out the holiday towels and napkins and soap dispensers, hang the lights, and maybe sometime this week, get the tree.

I can’t wait! This might be my favorite part of the holiday. Besides watching my kids open gifts. And making cookies. And singing carols in church. Okay, I guess I can’t really pick a favorite, but getting the house feeling warm, cozy, and festive is definitely a great way to get started.

Are you doing any holiday decorating this week? What’s your Mindful Monday intention?

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