Mindful Monday: start bringing the spring inside

Okay, so there are still 16 days until spring is officially here (but who’s counting, right?) And it so happens that I woke up to a wintry wonderland this morning, with a blanket of fresh, fluffy snow on the ground. But we’re looking at an average of 50 degrees and sunny for the rest of the week. Hello, mud! And hello, spring fever. 

This time of year is hard on me. I start checking the 10-day forecast regularly, hoping for a sign that warm weather is just around the corner. Cold days feel like a setback. Gray days feel particularly gloomy. I’m antsy and anxious and ready for spring.

But while I can’t do anything about the weather, I do have some control over the inside of my house. So this week I’m going to focusing on brightening up the inside of my home by bringing spring indoors. Some easy ways I can start:

  • Swap out the heavier-smelling candles I still have out from Christmas (fig, cinnamon, pine) with lighter floral and citrus scents
  • Cover the dining-room table in a new bright or pastel-colored tablecloth. Since our table is pretty huge, a new tablecloth is an easy way to make a big difference.
  • Take the evergreen wreath off the front door (whoops, almost forgot it was there!) and replace with something more spring-y.
  • Change out the kitchen towels and sofa throw pillows.

Ahh! Just thinking about making these little changes is already making me feel happier. It’s a small thing, but when you spend a lot of time in your house like I do, your surroundings really make a difference in how you feel about life.

Anyone else feeling totally ready for spring and want to join me by getting a bit of a jump-start on the season?


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