Mindful Monday: Reorganize my finances

Did anyone else fall off the financial wagon a little over the winter holidays…and then have a hard time climbing back on? A few extra gifts, stocking stuffers, or decorations, and next thing you know your budget is blown. But it’s December, so you tell yourself you’ll worry about it in the New Year. Then next thing you know it’s the middle of February and you’ve been eating out a little more often than usual, blowing $5 or $10 mindlessly, and haven’t reconciled your account since 2011…all because you still haven’t gotten around to getting back on financial track.

What, just me?

I have a hard time recovering from post-holiday letdown, and one of the biggest symptoms for me is that I resist getting back on track with certain things in my life, like keeping my calendar, desk and money organized. The good news is that I can generally have my ducks back in a row by March if I put my mind to it. And I better get going, because while my spirit loves being in holiday mode, my wallet needs more discipline!

So this week I’m going to set aside a little time every day to work on getting my finances back under control. Today I re-organized my “to-pay” and “paid” bills wall pockets. Tomorrow I’ll dust off ye olde budget and see where it could use some tweaking. Thursday is – ugh – tax day. And for the rest of the week I’ll be setting financial goals for 2012 and beyond.

Anyone else need to to reorganize your financial life right now? Or do you have another Mindful Monday intention to share?

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