Mindful Monday: Recover

So it’s actually Tuesday. Since the post office and banks were all closed yesterday, I decided to follow suit, and took a day off from blogging.

But since it’s never too late to set an intention for the week, here’s my Mindful Monday post, a day late.

My house is looking a little rough around the edges after last week’s festivities. And I’m feeling a little rumpled after many days of over-indulging. So this week, I’m taking it easy and doing some puttering. I’ll slowly find places to put the new gifts, take time to enjoy my new kitchen tools and gadgets, do a lot of reading, and get my fill of American Pickers and Storage Wars. In short: I’m going to relax, enjoy myself, and recover from last week while getting ready for this weekend, when I’ll have a house full of family.

Are you planning a week of rest and recovery, too? What’s your Mindful Monday Tuesday intention this week?


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