Mindful Monday: keep working out!

My month of mini-resolutions is finally at an end, so Mindful Mondays are back! The mini-resolutions were great and I got a lot of nagging little things accomplished, but it’ll be nice to get back to my old practice of focusing on just one thing per week.

This week, I’m setting an intention to keep exercising. After a few false starts I’ve finally managed to figure out a way to work regular workouts into my weekly routine, and I’ve been going to the gym consistently for the past two weeks. But I know how easy it is for those not-quite-firmly-established habits to go by the wayside as soon as I get a little busy, a little lazy, or more than a little bored, so this week I’m really going to focus on staying the course and sticking to my exercise routine so it gets good and cemented. I’m doing this by setting super reasonable goals (3X a week of 25 minutes cardio plus a little strength training), making it fun (After experimenting with different music, I’ve found that Beyonce can get me through a run like nobody else) and focusing on the positive results I’m getting right away -better sleep, increased energy, that satisfying muscle burn – rather than getting impatient that I can’t squeeze into last year’s pants yet.

What’s your Mindful Monday intention for the week?

*If you’re a fellow work-at-home mom, you might want to check out my Babble post on tips for fitting more exercise into a WAHM’s life!

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