Mindful Monday: goin’ to Miami (and some other stuff)

Happy Monday, all! I’m leaving for the Mom 2.0 conference this Thursday, which happens to be in Key Biscane, Florida. So I have to admit that I won’t be able to focus on much else this week besides packing, obsessing over which shoes will make the cut and wind up in my suitcase (darn those 50-pound baggage limits), and doing all the “pre-mothering” I do before I go on a trip: preparing meals, washing and folding every stitch of laundry in the house, that kind of thing.

I know there was recently quite a bit of criticism, even mockery, aimed at mothers who admit to arranging matters for their families before going on business trips, but I refuse to feel bad. I don’t take part in these pre-trip rituals because I think my husband is incompetent or I feel guilty about leaving; I do it because I find it soothing and calming to get everything “ready” before I go and I like knowing that my kids will be eating something I cooked even if I’m not here to serve it. Besides, this time my husband is coming along, and I’d feel bad leaving my sister and sister-in-law with an empty fridge and dirty clothes as thanks for caring for our kids!

I’m really excited about the information and inspiration I’ll get from this conference,  and am looking forward to taking this weekend to let some of my plans for The Happiest Mom take shape. But just to give you a glimpse of what’s in the works: The Happiest Mom is about to start growing. I’ll be trying some new things (like audio and video), exploring new topics, and bringing in new voices (because really, after three years aren’t you tired of just hearing from me all the time?) as well as finding new ways to highlight your voices and opinions, too. Because The Happiest Mom is really a community, and your smart, supportive comments are part of what make me love this place so much.

So stay tuned! I’ll have more details when I return, but this week you can look forward to a few cool things including my very first podcast tomorrow. And it’s a goodie: I’ve interviewed author/blogger extraordinaire Kelle Hampton and you’ll get to hear her thoughts on creativity, positivity, and embracing who we really are as moms. Please check back tomorrow – you won’t want to miss it.

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