Mindful Monday: Get ready for summer

Wait. It’s May 14 – really? The end of the school year seems to have caught me off-guard this year, and between getting ready for summer break and making sure my kids get all those library books back to school, I’m feeling a little flustered.

So for this week’s Mindful Monday intention, I’m looking forward a little bit and working on making sure I’ve got everything ready to go so we can launch right into a fun summer. Here’s what’s on my to-do list:

  • Make sure my calendar is updated with all the end-of-year celebrations and events I’ll need to keep track of. (Field Day, check; 6th-grade Chicago trip, check; end-of-year elementary picnic? hmmm…)
  • Create space for the onslaught of end-of-year paperwork, art, and other take-homes that are going to be flooding my home come the end of June. With four kids in school – two of them elementary-aged – it’s quite a sight. Here are some of my strategies for dealing with the end-of-school-year paper avalanche.
  • Look at our summer calendar to make sure vacation dates, camp dates, and work deadlines all work together. Okay, you might say I should have done this one already, but with two self-employed parents it can be difficult to plan our schedules too far in advance. The good news is that it’s almost always possible to work conflicts out with a little creativity. Sometimes being flexible is more effective than trying to perfectly plan and “balance” the calendar ahead of time.
  • Stock up on sunscreen, buy the kids sandals, pull out the rest of the summer clothes, and plan for a sunny, fun three months. It’s about time.

Are you ready for summer? I’d love to hear about your Mindful Monday intention this week – and I’ve decided to try something new! If you blog about your Mindful Monday intention – feel free to grab the badge below for your blog.

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I’m hoping we will visit one another’s blogs to see what everyone is focusing on this week. I’d love to get a bunch of us doing this together so we can cheer each other on and build more community. Can’t wait to see your Mindful Monday posts!

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