Mindful Monday: Get organized

Last week, my Mindful Monday intention was to get ready for colder weather, so I spent much of last week buried in incoming winter clothes while trying to get all the summer clothes stored away. While sitting in my living room surrounded by bins, boots, and laundry baskets, it became clear that I really need this week’s Mindful Monday intention:

WHO: All of us, but mostly me.

WHAT: Get organized for winter! Specifically, my entryway and pantry.

WHY: I can’t stand to let another winter go by with boots and mittens strewn haphazardly around the front entryway, and it’s clear that a coat rack and a few hooks just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Plus, remember that pantry re-organization project I did last year? Well, the Lunch Box Challenge has made it clear: the pantry definitely needs some sprucing up. It’s not as bad as it was last year, but it’s definitely lost a lot of its neat, tidy functionality, and I really need to set aside space for lunch supplies and all the jars of food I’ve been canning.

HOW: The front entryway project is going to require some shopping. Since my budget is small and there’s not a ton of space up there, I’m looking at something relatively small-scale and inexpensive, like this wire bench/coat tree combo from Meijer. The pantry will require a fresh pair of eyes and some new plans – after using it for a year after the initial reorganization project, I have a better idea now of where things will need to go to be most useful.

We’re moving into October soon, and like last year this October we’ll be talking about “Home” here at The Happiest Mom. I have a few fun projects lined up for that month, and this will be a nice way to ease into the theme!

What about you – do you have a Mindful Monday intention this week? And am I the only one whose entryway needs help?

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