Mindful Monday: Get mealtime back on track!

Finally, we have drawers! and hardware! Floors still in progress.

As of last night, after my very meticulous husband spent hours measuring and drilling holes, we finally installed our cabinet hardware! That means I can now actually open each drawer and door independently (instead of an awkward routine of opening the bottom one first, then the second, then the top, all while trying not to pinch my fingers.)

That means there’s no excuses left for the enormous box of pots, pans, utensils, and….wait, are there dirty plates in there?….and other miscellaneous stuff shoved in my office. No excuse for not making a decent meal or not even being able to find my grocery list. It’s time to get meal planning, lunch-packing and pantry organizing back on track…and that’s my focus for this week:

WHO: Me, with help from the family

WHAT: Take back our evening routines, start spending time in the kitchen again.

WHY: One of the things that really surprised me during our kitchen renovation was just how disruptive it really was to our entire lives. I still hung around the dining room while I kept an eye on the Crock-Pot or microwave most evenings, but it just wasn’t the same. I stopped packing lunches, stopped meal planning (unless you count going to Big Lots to stock up on discounted convenience “food”) and our entire household rhythm fell into disarray.

So this week, I’m getting back on track. Sure, we still don’t have a floor, the microwave is still in my office, and I’m not exactly sure where my favorite spatula is…but I have drawer pulls and I’m not afraid to use them!

HOW: The Kitchen Hour, baby! I’m starting that nightly tradition up again this evening, starting with making a meal plan for the week and getting dinner on the table, on actual plates, with real metal flatware, at a predictable time.

Throughout the week, I hope to get all those drawers and cabinets filled and organized, get back into a lunch-packing routine, and most of all, just get used to spending regular time in the kitchen every evening.

I’ve missed it.

What’s your Mindful Monday intention for the week?

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