Mindful Monday: Establish a school-year routine

Happy Labor Day to my American friends, and an apology to everyone for the lateness of this post! It’s been a full weekend and a long day, with four of our five children plus our “bonus kid” (my niece) starting school tomorrow. The house has been buzzing with activity and nerves all evening; but now the backpacks are stuffed, the first-day clothes are laid out, all heads of hair are washed and five sets of fingernails are clipped, and the last child left awake has received his last tuck-in. Finally time for this mom to sit down, heave a big sigh, and think about this week’s Mindful Monday intention:

WHO: All of us.

WHAT: Re-establish and fine-tune our school-year routines.

WHY: Summer is very relaxed around here, but the extra activity and obligations of the school year demand a lot more structure in our day-to-day lives.

HOW: Over the next week I’m going to work to establish routines for activities like doing homework, packing lunches, and a nightly “Kitchen Hour” (I’ll write more about the kitchen hour tomorrow.)  I’ll add one new routine each day, starting with lunchbox-packing time.

What are you focusing on this week? No worries if you aren’t seeing this post until Tuesday or later; you can still join in the Mindful Monday for this week. Tell us about your intention for the week, why it’s on your mind and how you’ll work it into your life!

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