Mindful Monday: Don’t let my fitness plans get derailed at Blissdom

This week I’m heading to the Blissdom Conference in Nashville, TN. Like most conferences I’ve been to, Blissdom offers a fitness event every day, and of course the awe-inspiring Opryland Hotel has a gorgeous fitness center.

But historically, when faced when the option of working out while traveling, my response has been something like “Whaaa? Why would I do THAT when I could be eating or sleeping or doing pretty much anything else? Anyway, it’s not like one or two workouts makes that big an overall difference anyway.”

But now that I’ve committed to working out regularly I know I can’t risk going half a week without hitting the treadmill. True, two or three workouts won’t make or break my overall health or fitness goals. But completely derailing my routine could make it very difficult to get back into working out when I return home. Once you let a week go by without exercising, it’s so easy to let another week and another week and another go by, and working out while traveling is a symbol of my commitment to cementing this fledgling habit.

So while I can’t promise I’ll make a 7 AM workout class, I’m packing my sneakers and yoga pants and am going to find a way – one way or another – to get in some serious movement while in Nashville.

Do you have any positive habits you’re trying to build – or stick to? Perhaps your Mindful Monday intention this week could be a commitment to make them even stronger.

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