Mindful Monday: Clean up my life to embrace the New Year

New Year's banner courtesy of my niece Elisabette

The only way I can describe the last week or so? Reveling.

I’ve been reveling all day and all night: Eating what I want, drinking what I want, falling asleep when I want, waking up when I want. Talking, laughing, listening to music, dancing, more laughing, and did I mention eating?

The thing about reveling is that it’s so much fun for a short period of time that you don’t ever think it could get old. Until it does. And then you wake up one day and your kitchen is a crumby, sticky mess, your pantry is stuffed with junk food, your jeans don’t fit, your sleep schedule is wrecked beyond recognition, and you suddenly find yourself longing for your normal, familiar old routine.

I’m just about there.

A lot of people see January 1 as a blank slate ready for resolutions, goals, and life-changing proclamations, but I’m never really ready to embrace the new year right on New Year’s Day. It’s too much pressure, and anyway, who’s feeling up to it after New Year’s Eve?

This month I’m planning to blog a month-long, day-by-day 2012 life-shape-up program for myself. But I’m not starting that until next week. There’s no way I can really embrace the new year and all its possibilities until I get back on track. And for me, that’s going to start with cleaning up: my diet, my cupboard, my calendar, my closets, my sleep habits.

Gradually, of course: this bloated old body can’t handle a sudden shock to the system right now. But little by little, starting with figuring out which of the laundry baskets I tossed in my closet before our New Year’s Eve party is full of dirty clothes and which are ready to fold. Then I’ll move to the kitchen. Then tonight, I’ll go to bed at a normal time…or at least not 3 AM. Then tomorrow…I’ll just keep chipping away.

Baby steps, right?

I’ll be totally ready to discuss 2012 planning, goal-setting, and dreaming next week. But for this week? I’m just focusing on cleaning up my life so 2012 really feels like a fresh start.

Are you ready for a post-holiday clean-up like me, or still hanging on in revel mode for a while longer? What’s your Mindful Monday intention this week?

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