Mindful Monday: take better care of myself

How did everyone do on last week’s Challenge? I’m working on making a badge that you can post on your own blog in the future; but for now let’s all chime in here.

I did pretty well on my challenge for last week–to get myself and the whole family outside more. Our yard still needs a lot of work, but I was outside with the kids almost every day and went for several nice, long walks. This week, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m going to be a little more self-focused with my challenge:


WHAT: Take better care of my physical health

WHY: A drawn-out, cold and dreary early spring riddled with food-laden events and family celebrations has left me barely able to zip my jeans, and I think that salad I ate three days ago might have been my last green vegetable. I’m feeling sluggish, squooshy and just not up to par.

HOW: I know myself too well to start promising daily trips to the gym. It’ll never happen. What I WILL do? Walk, frequently, fast and far. So I’m going to set aside at least 30 minutes, five days this week, for a brisk walk. I’ll add in some stairs for extra aerobic boost. Oh, and about those missing veggies…it’s back to eating at home three meals a day for a while. When I get around appetizers and bread baskets, I just don’t make good choices.

What is your Mindful Monday Challenge for the upcoming week? Who does it include, why do you want to do it, and how will you pull it off?

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