Mindful Monday: work on work

How did everyone do last week on their Mindful Monday Challenge? Mine went very well. I walked 5 of 7 days and in most cases exceeded my 30 minute goal (in fact, one beautiful day I just kept going until I realized I’d been walking an hour and a half.)

I think my goal from last week worked because it was a) pretty easy to fit into my life (no fancy equipment or scheduling gymnastics needed), b) simple and doable, and c) fun. Best yet, it’s a habit I will continue because it’s so easy and enjoyable.

Sometimes I tend to bite off more than I can chew–like telling myself I’m going to make it to four aerobics classes in a single week. Yeah, right! Walking, however, I can–and will–totally do. And if it’s enjoyable and effective and fits in my life, it’s good enough–even if it won’t necessarily give me rippling abs. Rippling abs are nice, but they just aren’t one of my priorities at the moment.

As I mentioned yesterday, this week we’re going to be shifting focus here at The Happiest Mom and discussing…dum-dum-DUMMMM…money. My Mindful Monday Challenge for the week is in the same family as money: it’s work, and it’s commanding my attention this week:


WHAT: Plan out my work flow for the next couple of months, focus on lining up new assignments and projects.

WHY: After spending the last two months madly promoting my book and neglecting paying work, I’m facing down a summer with no income if I don’t get crackin’.

HOW: Make a list of previous clients and contacts I can re-connect with. Work on three income-generating ideas by Friday. Make at least one contact each day that can lead to more work down the road.

In short, for me this week is going to be heavily focused on career. My work cycles tend to go in fits and starts–sometimes I’m all about writing my own stuff, sometimes I’m all about promoting, sometimes I’m all about writing for others…and sometimes I can jump out of the cycle entirely for a few days or even a few weeks and just focus on my family and life. It keeps me guessing and the uncertainty can be frustrating, but I love the freedom, flexibility, and the fact that I’m working in my bathrobe right now with  my toddler sleeping in the other room.  I’m guessing all my self-employed readers can relate–and if you’ve thought about working from home yourself, Simple Mom is doing a fantastic series right now all about how she and other work-at-home parents manage it. Definitely check it out!

So what about you? What’s on your mind–one simple goal or intention you can work toward this week? Who does it involve, why is it so important to you right now, and how will you do it?

Please tune back in all week for our money discussion–I know it’s going to be a great one.

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