Mindful Monday Challenge: Have Fun

Last week, my Mindful Monday focus was all about gearing up for summer break – getting those camps and classes on the calendar and making it through the last week of end-of-year school picnics and parties. Now that’s all done, and I’m ready to just kick back, put my feet up and enjoy. My personal challenge for this week’s Mindful Monday challenge? Do less and enjoy life more.

Who: Me, but the whole family will be along for the ride.

What: Relax and have fun!

Why: The other day I asked are you the same girl you used to be?” and was struck by how many of you feel like you’re less spontaneous, creative, and fun than you were pre-kids. I can relate. While I don’t want to return to the careless girl I was as a teen, I would like to reclaim a bit of my younger self’s carefree spirit. Planning an easy-going first week of summer seems like a good start.

How: I’m keeping my calendar light. Putting my to-do list in a drawer. Planning long blocks of time to sit in the backyard and watch birds, blow bubbles or just read under a tree. We’ve got a family excursion planned to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum tomorrow, but we’ll also make sure to set aside time for the hotel pool. This week’s all about clearing my head and kicking off summer vacation in relaxed style. Anyone care to join me?

Did you participate in last week’s Mindful Monday? How did it go? What’s your intention for this week’s challenge?

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