Mindful Monday: Celebrate the fall!

What? It’s October 17? Forgive me for a moment while I double-check the calendar…

Yep. I can hardly believe it, but the most autumn-y month of the year is almost over. This month’s Life is a Special Occasion theme also happens to be “fall” – enjoying it and savoring it – so the timing seemed perfect for this post and Mindful Monday intention:

WHO: The kids and I

WHAT: Enjoy the autumn while it’s still here!

WHY: It hasn’t been very fall-like around these parts through much of October – about 75-80 degrees all last week. But now that the air is crisp again, I’m realizing how quickly this autumn is slipping by and determined to enjoy it.

HOW: There are tons of inspiring “fall bucket lists” floating around the blogosphere, but since life is a little chaotic right now –  our kitchen is completely torn up at the moment – I’m going to create our own simplified and scaled-back list that brings together all the things we most love about the autumn.

This week we’ll:

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood, smelling and crunching the leaves
  • Haul out the Halloween box and replace our wilting late-summer seasonal displays with some spooky decor (a little late to the game on this, but better late than never.)
  • Head to the apple farm for doughnuts and cider.
  • Eat chili
  • Decorate pumpkins. Considering doing a no-carve style this year, since several of my kids won’t touch the “guts”.

That’s it! A simple list for a simple, laid-back October week. If we’re feeling really ambitious we might try a craft or recipe from SimpleMom’s fantastic fall link round-up. Or maybe we’ll just plug in the crock-pot, nibble farm-bought doughnuts, and arrange some gourds. Either way, enjoying it together is all we need to make the fall special, don’t you think?

What’s your Mindful Monday intention this week? Care to join me in celebrating the fall?

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