Make Your Bed: Sneak Peek at Chapter 7 of The Happiest Mom

Confession time: I thought I was so clever and original with the “make your bed” bit when I first wrote about it almost two years ago. Come to find out, however, Gretchen Rubin had long-before declared making the bed daily as one of her happiness resolutions. And then when I reflected a little more, I traced the origins of my bed-making life makeover to FlyLady, with whom I had a love/hate relationship for the first ten years of motherhood.

So no, this is not an original idea. But it works: your physical environment can have a big effect on your emotional state. Maybe an unmade bed is not a big mood-buster for you, but we all have different tolerance levels when it comes to mess and clutter, and different triggers that make us feel anxious, edgy, or just plain meh.

Chapter 7 in The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood will help you figure out what your particular triggers are, and help you come up with a plan for getting your house clean and organized enough : enough to help you feel functional, on top of things, and happy. And this week, we’ll be covering that same issue here–decluttering, cleaning, organizing and getting on top of things at home.

Compared to last week’s posts which were a bit on the heavy side, what with talking about mindfulness and life-goal-setting, this week’s topic might seem a bit more practical and straightforward. But I think environment is hugely important to a mom’s emotional well-being. I’m far from a neat freak, but I feel like the ability to exert some bit of control over the state of my home does help me feel saner, calmer, and happier. And I also believe we owe it to ourselves to live in a place that feels functional, cozy, and safe.

So look here for a week’s worth of posts that will celebrate the art of making a home and help you delegate, prioritize, and create a cozier, cleaner nest–without working harder.

Before we kick it off, I want to know: what are YOUR biggest homemaking challenges? Do you have trouble getting the family on board? Fight over division of labor with your spouse? Or just can’t seem to stay on top of the clutter? Please share in the comments!

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