Looking forward to July

I had so much fun talking all about YOU (and me) throughout June: from dreams and goals to clothes and hair, it’s been really fun. A few notes to wrap up the June theme:

  • I think you have all pretty much convinced me to get the pixie cut. I’ll post pictures, of course.
  • If you want to weigh in on your e-book reading habits, that survey is still open and I’d appreciate the feedback!
  • Apparently there are a lot of Shabby Apple fans out there. Tuesday’s giveaway post got over 200 comments, but in the end only one could win. And the winning comment iiiiis:

Congratulations Jill! I’ll be in touch.

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Some good news if you didn’t win: Shabby Apple just launched a new sale today – 20% off your order, every dress included, for the month of July. So maybe that will soften the disappointment just a little bit? And again, full disclosure – since I’m an affiliate, if you follow a link from my site and then place an order with Shabby Apple, I get a commission. So, you know. If you feel so inclined… Just enter the code “SUMMER20” when prompted for the discount.

I think that’s about it for a June wrap-up. It has really been a fantastic month with a lot of insightful discussion and sharing. Thank you for being part of it!

Now, looking forward to July!

First, a bit of news: I’m a new blogger over at Babble.com’s Strollerderby! I’ve written for Babble a few times in the past and am really excited to be joining the team of smart bloggers there, which will now also include my friends Steph and Danielle. I’ll be posting there quite a bit, and would love your support. If you have a moment please check out my inaugural post that’s about – what else? – things that make me a happy mom. I’m going to be pretty busy adjusting to the new schedule – particularly during the summer when I have very little child care and a house full of kids most of the time – so please bear with me!

And now, on to this month’s topic! While this blog tends to put the focus squarely on moms – our goals, dreams, schedules, and needs – a big part of being a happy mom is being able to enjoy time with our kids, right? So I’m really excited to announce that July’s theme is “Family Fun.” I’ll be writing about keeping road trips and day trips relaxed and fun, learning to loosen up and play with your kids (even when it means putting grown-up stuff aside for a while), saving an outing gone awry, keeping from losing it on those rainy summer days when everyone’s locked in the house together for hours (ahhh!) and in general, enjoying the time we have with our children. I can’t wait to dive in and would love to hear suggestions of topics you’d like to see covered.

Speaking of family fun…I have a house full of family and friends coming over for an all-day all-evening barbecue party tomorrow, and the house is still in need of some attention. Have a great weekend – I’m off to clean!

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