Kicking off the holidays with 6 Days of Giveaways!

'tis the season...let's celebrate!

As I write this, I’m on my way home from the Chicago suburbs, where my brothers, sister, stepmother and our combined 15 or so kids descended upon my aunt for a couple of days and spent most of that eating. Before that, we spent three days at my mother-in-law’s where I believe I gained at least three pounds entirely from ham consumption. It’s been really fun – and tasty – but I feel like I should spend the next week on a detoxifying juice fast.

It’s not looking good for my cleanse, though, because this week kicks off my official welcome to the Christmas holiday – my most favorite time of the year. And to say “thank you” to all of you and hopefully ease up some holiday budgets a bit, I’ll be giving away a prize in my daily post this week: one per day, Monday through Saturday.

Some of the prizes will be items that companies have sent me to check out; some are things I enjoy so much that I want to buy one for a reader. Check back daily for giveaways from One Step Ahead, Scout by Bungalow, and more.

Stay tuned to learn how to win a Droid Razr!

You may have noticed that I’ve mentioned the Motorola products that Verizon Wireless has sent me to try out as part of their Midwest Moms blogger program. My partnership is about to pay off for one of you: at the end of the week, one winner will be selected randomly from all of the daily entries to win the super-awesome new Droid Razr.  I have the Droid Bionic which runs on the same platform as the Razr, and I’ve been loving the ability to create my own 4G hotspots wherever I go (park, airport, in the car on my way home from Thanksgiving dinner…) as well as the social networking capability and other fun apps, all on the ultra-reliable Verizon network. The Razr is like an even more souped-up version of the Bionic and is the phone my geek husband is, well, geeking out over right now. It’s a great prize and something I know one of you will love.

Check back all week for more information on how to win the Razr and the other great products I’ll be giving away. Oh, and if giveaways aren’t your thing, no worries – I’ll still have plenty of content to get you in the holiday spirit. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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