It’s not too late to get in the garden!

It might seem ironic considering I’ve been blogging for HGTVGardens for a few months now, but between travel, unpredictable weather, a tight budget and a busy workload this spring, I’ve hardly done anything in my own yard yet this season. Certainly it’s nowhere near the lush landscape I had envisioned pulling off by mid-June. And here it is…mid-June.

Are you in the same boat?

No need to get down on ourselves, either way. After all, as I wrote in a recent HGTVGardens post, it’s not too late to start a veggie garden…even from seed:

In Michigan, our spring weather tends to turn from damp and chilly to sunny and lovely in just a few days time – before you even see it coming. So you might find yourself in June, facing down an empty garden plot and wondering “Did I miss my chance?”

But no worries! After all, vegetable gardens produce for many months of the year, and there’s no set-in-stone “deadline” you have to meet to sow seeds. Many plants need to be re-sown through the season anyway, and still others will produce well into the fall even if you don’t get the seeds in the ground until early summer. In fact, some vegetable plants do even better and grow more quickly when you wait until the ground is warm and crawling with worms.

Read the rest of the post here. And if you’re interested in green gardening, you might enjoy my posts on killing weeds naturally and preventing pests without harmful chemicals.

Or, if you’re more interested in cooking than tending a garden, you might enjoy this late-spring seasonal menu.

Enjoy! I’m off to the garden-supply store and plan to spend my weekend getting my hands dirty.


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