Introducing Our New Podcast Network (Plus Three New Shows!)

When we sent out a survey last summer asking what fans of The Happiest Home were loving most, we were surprised – and thrilled! – by one of the most popular responses: More podcasts, please!!!

Podcasts are definitely having a moment (thanks, Serial!), and in particular, we’ve been really excited by how much The Home Hour has grown over the past year or so.

It makes sense, right? Podcasts allow us to listen, learn, and be inspired while driving the kids to soccer practice or making dinner. They’re intimate, in-depth, and conversational. And they’re increasingly easier and easier to listen to no matter where you are. (If you’re a podcast newbie and confused by the whole thing, I totally get it. Here’s how to listen.) 

So I am beyond thrilled to announce our new podcast lifestyle network: Life, Listened.

For now, it’s really a mini-network. In addition to weekly episodes of The Home Hour, you’ll hear three new shows: The Mom Hour, The Style Hour, and The Write-At-Home-Moms, featuring, respectively, our fearless managing editor Sarah Powers, Shana Draugelis of The Mom Edit, and Jessica Ashley of Single Mom Nation (and co-hosted by me!) Eventually we plan to expand to more lifestyle-related shows and bring on a variety of new voices. 

Life Listened Hosts

The Home Hour will change just a little: we’ll still be featuring occasional interviews with experts, authors, bloggers and the like, but we’ll be focusing on in-depth conversations with regular special guests like Kyran Pittman, Karen Walrond, and Jim Lin. With a focus on family, food, and home life, we’ll be delving into topics like living at home more creatively, ancestry and family traditions, fatherhood, and even books, music and TV.

The first episodes of each new show are up at Life, Listened and available on iTunes, and we’ll be working to add them to other apps and platforms like Stitcher and Podcatcher in the next few days. There’s a brand-new episode of The Home Hour up right now, a new episode of The Mom Hour should come out later today or early tomorrow, and after that you’ll find 2-3 new episodes weekly. Your school pick-up line and hour before dinner just got a little better. 

I would be so appreciative if you’d listen, subscribe, leave a rating or review, and let me know what you think! You can always leave a comment here, or send an email: Note: Since The Style Hour, The Mom Hour and The Write-At-Home-Moms are NEW shows, you’ll need to subscribe to each SEPARATELY! You’ll find links to subscribe to each podcast on its respective page at Life, Listened.

Launching new shows – and a brand-new network site! – is a lot of work, so I appreciate your patience as we work out bugs and get our schedule cemented. I know you’re going to love the new shows – I am in love with them already! – and can’t wait to see what the future brings. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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