Taking A Blogging Break During The Happiest of Holidays

taking a break for a happy and peaceful holiday season

I so loved all the comments on last Friday’s post about changing up holiday rituals that are no longer working. And I meant to respond to them. I had also said I’d post about our everyday rituals yesterday, but instead I wound up going to Grand Rapids with my sister-in-law to eat lunch and wander around antique stores–er, I mean, finish my Christmas shopping. And last night my husband and I went to dinner with some great new friends. Now, as it turns out, I don’t feel like doing much in the way of work–as I told a friend, I just feel like staring at twinkle lights, sipping cocoa, and listening to Bing.

And I have so few chances to do just that. Blogging has a way of taking over your life, and as much as I love it, sometimes I need a breather from the obligation of churning out fresh content while also trying to enjoy my family and bake cookies and wrap gifts and keep my house from looking like an evil elf threw a kegger in it.

So I’m going to seize this moment and take a little blogging break. I’ll be back sometime next week refreshed, centered and ready to give 2010 a fair send-off and welcome the New Year.

If you celebrate, I hope you have the merriest of Christmases. Give your kids a big hug and take it easy on yourself if your presents look as though a three-pawed cat wrapped them. (Mine do, too.)

Happy holidays, happy moms!

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