I am THAT mom: reflections on a merely adequate Easter celebration

I am the mom who bought our Easter-egg painting kit at the dollar store, thinking “It’s a PAAS kit, how crappy could it be?” only to get it home and find out this basic dollar-store kit didn’t even have a wax crayon inside. (Turns out regular crayons work, sort of, in a pinch.)

I am the mom who got no more creative than opening the cheap, dollar-store version of the PAAS egg coloring kit, mixing the colors and letting the kids go at it.

I am the mom whose kid is still wearing those same arm tattoos five days after the above photo was taken, because I haven’t bothered to scrub them off.

I am the mom blogger who didn’t get an Easter post up until four days after the holiday was over.

But when I look at photos of my kids involved in my not-so-creative, not-so-crafty, not-so-prompt, not-so-Pinterest-worthy versions of holiday activities…I see faces full of determination and creativity and excitement and focus and joy.

See, what I have to offer is all they need. The rest of it – the scrapbooks I haven’t filled, the eggs I never got around to blowing and wrapping with colored thread, the pastel tissue-paper crafts I meant to make but neglected to buy the supplies – that stuff is all the frosting.

Frosting is nice, but cake tastes pretty great without it, too.

It turns out my kids are having a pretty cake-y time of this childhood thing, even if our life doesn’t exactly look like a magazine spread. I am a pretty great mom, even if I don’t always feel like I have my stuff together.

And I’m guessing, so are you.

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