The Honest Company: free trial plus free shipping offer on non-toxic household cleaners

The Honest Company Free Trial

I admit it: I sort of like to clean the bathroom.

I know that might make me sound a little, well, unbalanced, but it’s true. I think it’s because bathrooms are such a finite, manageable space. It’s not like a kitchen, where there are about eight zillion jobs associated with getting it truly clean: appliances to clean inside and out, dishes to wash and arrange, those little cracks between appliances and the wall or cabinets. Don’t even get me started on the ever-fingerprint-ed stainless steel.

But bathrooms? Bam-bam-bam, done. And I get a little rush of satisfaction out of seeing a shiny clean space where something rather yucky used to be (hey, I have four boys, remember?)

That said, a big part of enjoying the process of cleaning the bathroom lies with the products you use. I prefer not to choke and cough my way through a Tuesday mid-morning wipe-down, and I like the cleaners I use to smell good. Really good. I sometimes go as simple as a homemade concoction of vinegar, water, and lavender essential oil, but it’s nice to buy products that come in a variety of lovely scents. Kind of like getting aromatherapy while you’re scrubbing the toilet, right?

So of course I was intrigued when I heard about The Honest Company, created by actress-turned-mother Jessica Alba (who, and I’m totally not sucking up here, is on my list of The Most Unbelievably Beautiful People In The World.) After having a baby, Alba realized – as many of us did as new moms – that the world can be a pretty toxic place, and that the marketplace needed a company based on the ideals of offering non-toxic, healthy products for families, in an ethical and, well, honest way.

So I was excited to try out The Honest Company’s cleaning products for myself. The company sent me three to try: bathroom cleaner (in eucalyptus mint scent), toilet cleaner, (tea tree eucalyptus scent) and floor cleaner (citrus rosemary scent.) All three products smelled great, but the citrus rosemary was wonderful; like a high-end shampoo.

Honest Co Floor Cleaner

I know a lot of you might wonder if all-natural cleaning products really get the job done. I remember my surprise when, as a new mom, I started reading about household germs and antibacterial products, and realized that just maybe we don’t need to blast every innocuous little germ, spill, or drip with chemicals that could wipe out a intensive-care ward’s worth of staph infections. When it comes to keeping a house clean, elbow grease is a big part of the battle. There may be a time and place for harsher cleaners, but day-to-day cleaning in a healthy home isn’t it.

The products got my toilets, sinks,  floors and countertops shiny and clean – not to mention clean-smelling. I got to inhale some seriously wonderful aromas while I wiped and swished. And I exposed myself and my family to that many fewer chemicals.

It’s nice when a company explains what’s in their products, which is sort of what The Honest Company is all about: transparency. Their cleaners are free of PVC, parabens, and a whole host of unpronounceable ingredients you’ll find in many cleaning products. And the labels clearly spell out what IS in each product, in language you can understand.

The other thing that’s really cool about The Honest Company is that it offers a subscription-based service. I have my grocery-shopping routine down to a science, and I admit that sometimes going off the beaten path to pick up toilet cleaner throws off the whole formula. Or I just forget. So the idea of products just showing up on my doorstep is really tempting.

With The Honest Company you sign up for a subscription based on your needs (you can get anything from cleaning products to diapers and baby-care products). Or, you can just order products individually on an as-needed basis.

Thanks to The Honest Company, I’ve got two great offers for you: 

  • a free trial with minimal shipping (just $5.95!)
  • free shipping on all first-time orders (one per customer), now through April 12, 2013. Just use the code FreeShipHappiestMom at checkout. 
Thanks so much to The Honest Company for sponsoring this post! I’m really loving the products, and they’ve made my bathroom cleaning experience more enjoyable. Here’s the graphic with the coupon code again, in case you want to share/pin it and spread the free-shipping love!
The Honest Company Free Trial

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