Help me choose my next book project!

I warned you! I still have a couple of weeks of my upgraded SurveyMonkey membership left, so I’ve created another survey I hope you’ll take.

This one is all about e-books. Since some of you have expressed interest in a deeper look at certain topics, I am looking at publishing several focused e-books this year on topics like working from home, creating a happier marriage or enjoying the first few months of new motherhood.

Why e-books? While I love traditionally-published books, they take a long time to produce and publishers are generally only interested when they can guarantee a wide audience and a marketing ‘hook’ that will allow them to move many thousands of copies. With e-books, I can delve into more focused topics that some of you really want help with, but since the overhead is much lower, the publisher (me) doesn’t have to worry about selling massive numbers.

The results from this survey will help me figure out what topics interest you most, as well as details like what format you prefer and how much you’re willing to pay for one. So please take a couple of minutes (it’s short, multiple-choice) and fill it out?


Tomorrow Jon and I are heading to Stratford, Ontario to attend the Stratford Shakespeare Festival with my sister Kathreen and her boyfriend Eric. I am beyond excited. Kathreen and I went together about nine years ago and had a fantastic time, and now we’re returning with our menfolk.

Speaking of men, this weekend is Father’s Day, so I’ll be devoting this space to DADS over the next few days. I’m planning to post a nice round-up of quotes on Sunday as a Father’s Day gift for dad readers. Please leave a comment letting me know how a father in YOUR life (your dad, your grandpa, your spouse) makes you a happier mom by 5 PM EST Saturday if you’d like to be included in the post! Then you can share it with the dad in your life as a nice Father’s Day surprise.

Don’t forget to check out the great conversation that’s still happening on yesterday’s post about dealing with criticism. Is being “thin-skinned” really such a bad thing? How can you keep critics from derailing your happiness and confidence?


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